Riverdale Healthcare

Riverdale Healthcare is a dentistry group providing NHS and private dentistry services led by an industry leading, dental sector management team. The team is selectively investing in ambitious dental practices that share the same ethos and core values of Riverdale Healthcare with the first investment into 10 clinic dental group, Alpha Vitality, completed in December 2018.


The Riverdale Healthcare team has been assembled to lead a new consolidation model in the UK dental market founded on shared values; a promise of honesty, integrity and an ethical approach to dental services for its patients. With continued investment in their staff and infrastructure, Riverdale Healthcare is building long lasting relationships with its patients by building trust and performing dentistry to the highest standards.

Investment Rationale

Apposite plans to grow and develop Riverdale Healthcare through organic growth and acquisitions. The dental sector is an attractive market with positive market fundamentals driven by rising disposable incomes, an increase in cosmetic consciousness and increased funding for NHS dental services. It is a highly fragmented sector making it an attractive market for a buy and build strategy driven by Riverdale’s unique quality and ethically driven investment mandate.