Kelso Pharma

Kelso Pharma is a new business committed to bringing innovative specialty medicines to the European healthcare markets, to provide meaningful benefits to patients and create added value for healthcare stakeholders. Backed by Apposite Capital, Kelso Pharma is pursuing a buy and build strategy to create a new pan-European specialty pharma business.


Kelso Pharma has a vision to provide innovative and cost-effective medicines with a proven benefit to patient outcomes. The company’s products will be significantly cheaper than originator brands, improving affordability for end payers, and increasing access to healthcare.

Investment Rationale

Apposite has backed an industry veteran and ambitious management team, with a well-defined buy and build strategy. There is a significant market opportunity to acquire under-managed and under-valued non-core pharma products. The team has a vision to acquire small pharma companies with established commercial stage products, to in-license further products, and to maximise the potential of individual products across multiple countries, via an efficient European commercial platform.