i2a is a leading provider of instruments, software and reagents for the clinical microbiology market in France. The Company specialises in offering automated solutions across the value chain of the bacteriology clinical testing market, including Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing which identifies bacterial resistance to antibiotics therefore supporting timely and accurate antibiotic therapy.


With 700,000 deaths worldwide annually1, antimicrobial resistance (“AMR”) is a global health priority; i2a is well placed to support labs and clinicians with best-in-class solutions to adjust therapy and transform data into actionable insights to combat AMR.

Investment Rationale

i2a is a well-recognised provider of high quality and reliable instruments and software in France and adjacent countries, with the ability to further expand distribution into other European countries. It has a differentiated offering based on solid media testing and superior products in middleware and readout systems. Organic growth will be supported by next-generation core products launch and an attractive suite of software. Apposite’s investment and expertise will ensure the company continues to support microbiology and hospital laboratories, improving productivity while decreasing turnaround time (TATs) to result, under increasing regulatory pressure.



Note: (1) Tackling drug-resistant infections globally: the review on antimicrobial resistance chaired by Jim O’Neill 2016