HCML is a leading service provider in rehabilitation and case management. HCML specialises in providing case management and treatment services, assisting injured and ill individuals to recover and return to work or their pre-injury condition.


HCML provides next-generation rehabilitation services through the recruitment and development of high-quality case managers who adopt a patient centric approach to therapy. HCML’s services focus on the most complex cases, and it is recognised as an exceptional provider, using innovative methods and digital tools to deliver best-in-class outcomes for service users.

Investment Rationale

HCML is one of the UK’s largest case management and treatment services providers, with a broad capability set, a reputation for quality services and a focus on innovation. It has a robust track record of growth with multiple opportunities to expand its core offering in specialist case management and treatment services while expanding into new service areas. As part of the investment, HCML has appointed industry veteran Nick Delaney as CEO. Nick brings extensive industry experience from his previous role as CEO of Ascenti (formerly known as TICCS), where he grew the business by over five times during his seven years of leadership and opened over 400 therapy sites. HCML’s existing CEO of over 10 years, Keith Bushnell, will remain on the board of HCML as a Non-Executive Director.