CrestOptics is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced systems for fluorescence microscopy.


CrestOptics provides high-quality and vital technology used in biological and medical research, such as in the fields of cancer and neuroscience, which ultimately impacts treatments available for patients. CrestOptics also provides its technology at more accessible pricing compared to competitors. In addition, sister company D-TAILS is engaged in the development of diagnostics for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and viruses to enable earlier stage and point of care detection.

Investment Rationale

Apposite recognises that CrestOptics has a strong track record of R&D, having developed the fastest confocal spinning disk system on the market with the widest field of view, and has an exciting pipeline of further products in development. In addition, CrestOptics has a strong commercial network of global distribution and OEM partners to support further market penetration and geographical expansion. The broader market environment is supportive of such expansion as global investment in biomedical research increases and Apposite’s investment will enable CrestOptics to capitalise further on growth opportunities, both organically and through selected acquisitions of complimentary technologies or local distribution presence.